Viewing the calendar for the first time...

The eola calendar will become your new best friend. From checking on bookings, creating new ones, rescheduling customers to adding additional slots, you can even leave notes for your team so they are all in one place.

As you will use the calendar daily we have created multiple access points to it, top right of every page is a Calendar button or you have the menu bar on the left-hand side.  On first accessing the calendar you will be taken to the last view and date you had loaded.  This is great when scrolling to find a specific booking or the next available space to reschedule someone.  If you need to return to today, there is a simple 'Today' button top left of the screen.


There are a number of calendar views all of which can be viewed either; daily, weekly or monthly.

Overview - this will show everything available for the date range selected from booked and unbooked activity, hired rentals and calendar notes.  Depending on how busy your centre is you may want to 'hide unbooked activities' to give some breathing spacing to the calendar, see 'Filter's' below.

Instructors - n.b. not compatible with the monthly view.  When choosing to view by Instructors we will list your team across the calendar and show a session that they have been assigned to.  This view is great for spotting availability for specific instructors especially when running surfing or skiing lessons.  However if you have not assigned a booking to an instructor it will not display here, remember this for when you think you have lost everything in your calendar.

Activities - n.b. not compatible with the monthly view.    Each of your activities will be listed across the calendar and time slots that have been booked will be displayed number of bookings / maximum capacity.

***Additional Apps required to access these views***

Resources - n.b. not compatible with the monthly view.  Need to see where a specific resource is being used or next available this view will list your resources across the top of the calendar with sessions they are assigned to in the calendar view.

Rentals - n.b. not compatible with the monthly view. Here you can get an overview of the rental bookings you have.  It will also show you the activity the specific equipment is being used for.


We have tried to keep the calendar view simplified giving you enough information at a glance and should you need to find out anything else you click through to the specific time slot.  If you ever need help understanding the colours or shading click '?' next to 'Overview'.  This will give you a key of all the elements of the calendar.

During busy summer periods or even on planning days you may want to be even more specific as to what you see on the calendar screen.  You have a number of options and these are available on the right hand side under the 'Filter' option.  We explain each below:

Activity type - filter all activities/rentals by the type you have set i.e. group all kayaking activities on the calendar at the same time.

Activity - choose to only see a specific activity/rental on the calendar.

Resource - rather than all resources across the calendar, choose to see a specific 1.

Instructor - need to remember what instructor you assigned where for scheduling, you can filter by an instructor.  This is also great for team members to help see their calendar so they know where they should be.

Hide unbooked - as mentioned above if your calendar is getting a bit busy you can toggle to only view booked activities.

Expand view horizontally - great when viewing the calendar on a desktop, you can allow the calendar to stretch across the screen horizontally with a scroll bar at the bottom.  When on mobile this can be difficult to view weekly, so turn this offer to focus on just an individual day.

Clear - if you have a filter enabled on your calendar in the bottom left of the menu you will see 'Clear' this allows you to clear all filters and return to the full calendar.  Great for when you think you have lost everything.


We will cover managing a booking i.e. what to do after clicking on a timeslot in a later session.  The last 2 features mean that once your system is set up you can control 90% of your operations from within the calendar.  In the bottom right on desktop or the + icon on mobile give you the below options:

Add note - notes are only visible to your team who can access the calendar and are not public facing.  They can have a title and more information, be a one off or repeating and you can also assign instructors or resources to them to block them off from being available to book.  See What can you use Notes for... for a more in-depth look.

Add time - no matter how much time you spend adding the perfect schedule something will likely come up and you will need to add more time to the calendar.  You can use 'add time' to save you from going back to the product and creating a new schedule for 1 session.  This comes into its own if you need to reschedule a booking and want to create a specific timeslot for the customer.  As soon as it is created it will be available to book via the widget or you can reschedule customers from another session onto it.


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