Creating your first manual booking...

Hopefully, your bookings will start to come through the widget online. But on the off chance you have walk-ins or would like to take a unique booking over the phone. You can use manual bookings to add it to the system.

Just like the calendar if you need to take a manual booking you do not want to be looking around for the button to access it.  Therefore the 'New booking' button is visible from every page of the system.  Alternatively if your customer knows the date/time they are interested in you can access the timeslot through the calendar and click 'Add booking'.  This will make the booking against this date/time whereas the 'New booking' flow starts by asking how many people and showing the next available date.

Both flows end up on the customer detail page, start by confirming the activity information including date/time of the activity.  Next you can enter the number of people attending, both adults and children.  One of the more important questions is next 'Organiser participating, depending on the answer here will determine the post checkout flow.  This also cannot be changed post booking so please double check it.  Finally you can choose to override the price of the session to add discount or charge more if it is an exclusive booking.

Next you choose the payment type and have a few options that are identified below:

Pay in person - if you take the payment locally on site or via another method.  This will add the booking to the timeslot and not worry about over booking as it assumes you have checked this.

Send payment link - have a customer on the phone you can use this option to send the customer a link to make payment.  We will use the booking information provided so the customer only needs to pay and then complete the disclaimer and question pack.

***Additional Apps required to access these payment options***

Use card reader - with an eola card reader you can take payments on site and access the same features as if they are had online i.e. disclaimers/question packs etc.

Create an invoice - some larger group bookings or corporate clients may require an invoice before they can make payment to you.  When selecting this option we allow you to add extra details; purchase order number, due date and invoice memo.

Once you have selected the most appropriate payment method, you are finally ready to add the details for the organiser.  At this point, it is always worth double-checking that you have selected 'organiser participant' as this cannot be changed after the booking has been made.  The details requested are: Customer name, email and contact number.  Here you can also add a booking note with any extra details about the booking, this note cannot be seen by the customer.


Follow along with the video below...


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