What can you use Notes for...

Notes are very handy from leaving a post it note on your computer ready for the morning or the plan for the day on a notepad so everyone can see it.

Within the eola calendar you can add a note to a specific day or set it to repeat and within this note you can include: information, mark instructors as unavailable & reserve resources.  Making calendar notes perfect to help you keep everything in one place on one system.  To create you first note go to the Calendar and double click or click 'Add note' (bottom right) from here you have a few options:

1) Title (the only mandatory field)

2) Start date, time and end time including repeat options

3) Click 'More options'

4) Add details to your note, this is a free text box

5) Assign instructors to the note and choose to 'mark as busy' (affects their availability).  Do not forget to 'add'

6) Add resources to the note, this removes them from being booked.  Perfect for short term repairs.  Do not forget to 'add'

7) Save changes