Creating your first team member...

Our instructor management either allows your team to see just their calendar or supports you in managing activities and rentals. Once set up you can also link to our resources system to manage availability automatically.

To get started head to Toolset -> Team -> Add team member, here you can add their email address and 'permission level', more on this below.  Click add and the system will send an invitation to the instructor to finish creating their account by adding their name etc.  Now they will show up in your list and you can manage them from the dashboard, if they already have an eola instructor account access to your dashboard will be automatically added to their account.  Repeat this process for your entire staffing team.

Permission levels

Owner - Full access to all information and editing abilities

Manager - Can view and edit all bookings, customers and associated information

Instructor - Can view and edit bookings and customers assigned to them

Basic Instructor - Can only view bookings and customers assigned to them and has not editing abilities

Once your team member has created their account they will show on your dashboard, from here you have a few more options: 

Details - Add a profile picture, edit name, add qualifications and remove instructor

Activities - Here you tick the activity types that the instructor can deliver, this affects their availability when linked to resources

Settings - Edit permission levels and set their status to inactive, perfect for seasonal staff over the winter period

That's it you are all set to allow your team access to the system to help you manage your outlet.  For more information on how to use instructors to manage resources email


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