Create your first question pack...

Question packs allow you to gather relevant information ahead of the session.  You can ask questions that give a yes/no or text response from your customers.  Setting a question as mandatory will require your customers to answer that question, however if you have too many questions it may prevent customers from completing it.

This article will walk you through how to create your first question pack:

  • Access disclaimers by going to: Toolset -> Policies -> Question pack -> Create
  • Add a name for the question pack
  • Add a question
    • Yes/No, will provide the customer with a drop down box
    • Text, will allow the customer to add information into a text box
  • Add as many new questions as required
  • Once completed click, 'Create question pack'

You can have a number of different question packs but you can only assign one to each product or membership.


Follow along with the video below...


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