Creating your first activity...

Once you have created your first activity you will be one step closer to taking your first booking online.  Activities are products with a fixed start time and we create time slots based on the duration you set.  Whereas rentals allow you to set the rentable duration with a minimum and maximum rental period, from here we display all available options to your customers.  If you hire equipment you may want to check out this lesson here: *Add link to creating your first rental...


This article will walk you through how to create your first activity:

  • Access activities by going to: Products -> Activities -> Create
  • Work through the pages adding information about the activity
  • Set a schedule, use the 'repeat' function (daily, weekly or yearly), this can be indefinitely or a date
  • Pricing can be split between adult and child or the same for both, on the page you can also sell addon's or create group pricing discounts
  • Resource (if enabled), you can assign the number of people per rescource
  • Languages (if enabled), here you can edit the information displayed depending on browser language
  • Options, this page controls how the product looks on the widget, edit minimum notices, allow activities vouchers to be purchased and assign disclaimers and question packs
  • Save and exit 

You can repeat this process to add all of your activities to the system.


Follow along with the video below...

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