Updating customer name or email address...

Sometimes customer are in a rush or use an old email address and you need to amend them. As long as the customer has yet to complete the disclaimer document you are able to do this.

N.b. if a customer has previously used the email address or signed the disclaimer you will need to contact help@eola.co

When the customer reaches out to you, search for the correct email address by clicking the 'magnifying glass' top right of every page.  This will check to see if they have booked with you using the correct email address and you will need to contact help@eola.co.  It could be that they have used the correct new address with another partner and again you will need to email us to make this change.

If you need to make the change quickly, the best way is to cancel the booking and re-add with the correct email address.  To ensure this does not cause any financial issues, cancel without a refund and re-book with a price override of £0 and send as payment link.  This will not request any payment but the customer will need to re-agree to the terms and go through the disclaimer and question pack flow.

As long as the above hasn't been done you are able to edit the customer name and email address be doing the following:

1) Open calendar and locate the booking

2) Click 'Manage'

3) Find customer and click 'Edit'

4) Amend name and/or email as required

5) Click 'Save

If you are doing this because the customer entered the wrong email address they will not have received the booking confirmation email.  You can resend this along with other documents by follow this guide.