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Getting started with eola...

A single platform to run your business, reach customers, take bookings and use data intelligently to create value across your operations !

What happens next...

We know you have signed up and one of our on-boarding specialists will be in touch shortly to arrange your first call.  In the meantime we appreciate your time is precious so we had pulled together a number of tutorials to help you get set up and start taking bookings today.


Getting Started ...

Start by adding your details to Outlet Settings (Toolset -> Outlet settings) and exploring the platform.  Make sure to check out the App menu (Toolset -> Apps), here you will find a number of additional features to help set up your platform.  You will be emailed lessons over the coming days to help you make the most of your setup.  If you cannot wait until then, click in the bottom right corner to move to the first lesson now.


Navigating the help centre...

We recommend you bookmark this page to save as a reminder of the basic functionality of the system.  At the bottom of each article, we will provide links back to the previous article and also the next article to help you easily navigate around.  Some articles may not be relevant to you, like our 'Creating your first rental...' at the start of the article it will let you know if you require any additional apps, or feel free to reach out to your on-boarding specialist to double check.  Feel free to work through them to suit your needs and we will be in touch shortly.


Just a bit of jargon...

As you start to use the system you will pick up the different terms used for parts of the system.  To make this easier we have added a few below to get you started:

Activity - a product you sell that can have multiple customers booked onto the same timeslot.

Apps - useful features to help you better run your business.

Dashboard - the first page you see when you log in, each time steps are given to take you to a specific menu item we will always start from the dashboard.

Rentals - a physical piece of equipment a customer can purchase for a period of time.  Usually offering discounts for longer durations of hire.

Resources - can be anything from items of equipment to capacity, and when linked to activities or rentals can be a really powerful tool.

Widget - a floating 'Book now' button that is integrated with your website and everything that happens after clicking it.  This is how your customer's book sessions with you.


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