Customer emails and reminders

What emails are sent out to customers and when...

When a customer makes a booking we send a number of emails out from confirmations, reminds and follow ups.  Below we will run through a timeline of what is sent and when:


Booking Confirmation - this is sent 10 minutes after the booking has been paid for.  The delay is to allow the organiser to complete their disclaimer and question pack before inviting other people.  This way we can include a call to action button 'more information required' if they need to complete disclaimer, complete question pack or invite others going.

More Information Required - as long as the booking is not within 24 hours we will send this email every 3 days reminding the customer that you require more information from them.  We say that by providing this information will speed up the process on the day and make it a smoother experience for them.

Booking Confirmed - this email is sent after we have received all required information from the customer including; payment, disclaimer, question pack and invite participants.  Also in this email will be the description, what to bring, itinerary, requirements and post purchase information, if you have QR check in enabled this email will also contain their QR code.  

Booking Reminder - a reminder email is sent to the customer 24 hours prior to the activity to remind them they have an upcoming booking.  It is a repeat of the booking confirmed email.

Post Experience Email - 24 hours after the activity had ended we will contact the customer and provide them with links to your review system and you can also customise information in this email.  Maybe include the next steps moving from a taster session to a course, or after completing a course and how to hire equipment.