Creating your first discount code

Discount codes are great way to secure repeat bookings from customers.

To get started with discount codes first you need to enable it in the App Store. Go to Toolset -> App Store -> Discount codes -> Enable (if not available email 

Once you have the app enabled you will have a new menu option under Products:

1) Go to Products -> Discount codes -> Create

2) Add a custom discount code or use the one provided 

3) Set the level of discount, by %
4) Set the Start date

5) Set the Expiry period by days, weeks, months or years (giving you full flexibility)

6) Optionally enable ‘multi-use codes’, if not enabled an email address will only be able to redeem the discount code one

7) Hit create


When you return to the Discount codes screen you will see a table with your new discount code and some useful information including the number of redemptions, items purchased with it and the total value.